New Android Os To Arrive In April

Rumours are flying that Googles mobile operating system; Android updated version will be out as soon as April. Version 2.3 introduced an improved user interface to Android, as well as updating the systems maps to include more efficiently downloading. It was closely followed, however, by Honeycomb, Googles operating system that was specifically optimised for tablets, which will be launched first on Motorolas forthcoming Xoom model.
Google has made conflicting announcements on whether or not Honeycomb would actually be used for smartphones as well as tablets. According to reports emanating from US it appear to suggest that a new version of Android, 2.4, will be necessary to allow smartphones to take advantage of features that will be important to Honeycomb.
Reports are also conflicting on whether 2.4 will have a new name, such as Ice Cream or Ice Cream Sandwich, or still be called Gingerbread. Android 2.3, codenamed Gingerbread, was only announced before Christmas. Version 2.4 will integrate new features from Googles tablet computers. Upgrading the version will also, it is likely, cut down on the amount of coding that developers will need to do to make their apps work on both tablets and smartphones.
It is expected to provide a new set of developer APIs that allow developers to create apps optimized for a tablet experience. It includes a major makeover of the Android home screen, offers the concept of code fragments that developers can use to make apps optimized for both tablets and smartphones as well as for different screen orientations, includes a robust new 3D visual rendering system, offers updated music and video capabilities, and includes support for dual core processors. While some of the new features and interfaces seem pretty iterative of Apple’s work with iOS on the iPad, some are also unique and offer functionality beyond the iPad.” Visit My Website :

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