My Computer Is Freezing Frequently – How Do I Fix The Pc Freeze Problem?

It is very annoying to meet with the problem that computer suddenly freezes up. And your screen would just lock up; your mouse wont move; keyboard wont input at all. Sometimes the problem is temporal and your computer will come back in few minutes. But most of the time, it wont and you have no choice but to turn off the power.

Shutting down your computer by turning off the power will make you lose all your unsaved work. And in the future, it is very harmful and may lead to more computer problems. Unfortunately, shutting down your computer wont make the problem go away and it will happen again and again. What are the causes of the problem? How to fix it permanently?

One of the causes is your RAM is too low or you run excessive programs at a time. If your RAM is lower than 1 G, I think you should really upgrade it. In the mean time, Many people have the habit of running many programs when they use their computer. The result of doing this is that your programs will run out of your RAM, and your computer will not be able to complete a single task. And then it wont respond. So dont run excessive programs at the same time.

Another cause that results in your computer freezing frequently is registry error. Registry is the database of Windows systems and have a great effect on computer performance. It contains all the necessary information for system, programs and drivers. Every operation, from system startup and shutdown to run a program on your computer, entails the information in it.

But it is very fragile and easily damaged by improper install and uninstall of program, virus, malware, illegal operations by you, etc. If there are overmany errors in your registry, your computer performance will degrade tremendously and becomes very unstable over time. That is the reason why your computer freezes up once in a while.
To fix the problem, you need to use a registry cleaner to run a thorough scan and fix all the errors in your registry. That is the safest and easiest way to solve the problem for good. But you need to use a good one. If you use a poor registry cleaner, it may mess up your registry and bring you more troubles.

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