My Computer Freezes Up Frequently – How To Fix The Pc Freezing Problem!

Your computer freezes up randomly? It is really a pain in the neck when this problem happens. Your computer freezes up all at once; your screen locks up; no movement from your mouse at all. Sometimes your computer can revive after a while. But in most cases, your computer just wont respond until you shut it down by switching off the power.

Why this problem happens frequently? What are the causes of it? In fact, there are 3 major causes that can lead to the PC freezing problem. To resolve the problem, you need to take 3 steps in the following paragraphs.

Firstly, you should use your Antivirus or security tool and run a scan on your computer. It is possible that your computer is infected with virus or malware which slows down your computer. If there is nothing found in the scanning report, it may be your RAM that cause the problem.

If your RAM is lower than 1 G, it is recommended that you upgrade it. But in another case, you run too many programs at the same time. Programs will compete for the RAM resources. Even if you have 4 G RAM, it is possible that programs run out of it and your computer will not be able to respond. So dont run too many programs at the same time.

A lot of people wont say I have scanned my computer for a million times and there is nothing wrong with it. I have 4 G RAM on my computer. But why does my computer still freezes up frequently? Because there are many errors in your registry. Actually, registry errors cause over 80% PC not responding problems.

Registry is the database that contains all the instructive information for your system and programs. The information in your registry controls every tasks on your computer from system startup to run a program. It has a great impact on your computer performance and stabilization.

Your computer was very fast when you first bought it. Because your registry was very clean and free of errors. After time, your computer starts to run slow and freezes up now and then. Because there are errors accumulating in it and some information is rewritten or even completely deleted by your incorrect uninstall of programs, improper operations, malware or other things. That is the reason why your computer performance decreases gradually and become very unstable.

To fix the problem that is caused by registry error, you need to use a registry cleaner. That is the safest and easiest way for average PC users. But there are thousands of registry cleaners available out there. You need to find a good one that can really resolve your problem. If you use a terrible one, you may expect more problems.

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