Mac Kodak Playtouch Video Converter,convert Kodak Playtouch Mpeg-4 On Mac/windows

Pocket camcorder is booming in the market nowadays. In this pocket camera trend, The Kodak Group has always kept a favorable position. After the release of Kodak zi8 camcorder, Kodak Group once again walks into the spotlight by launching the fantastic Kodak PlayTouch Camcorder which is an optimized version of Kodak Zi8.You can carry your pictures everywherewithout taking up space on your memory card with the newly released camera.While keeping many of the core features of Kodak Zi8, Kodak PlayTouch shares its unique feature such as unique touch screen, the KODAK PLAYTOUCH lets you glide through full 1080p HD video like never before. Kodak Zi8 takes videos in MOV format, while Kodak PlayTouch takes videos in HD MPEG-4 format. If you want to view or edit Kodak PlayTouch video on Windows, or if you want to play Kodak PlayTouch videos on mobile players such as iPod, iPhone, Mobile phones etc. you will need to convert Kodak PlayTouch MP4 to AVI, MOV, 3GP and other video formats.

Doremisoft Kodak PlayTouch converter provides the perfect Kodak PlayTouch converter to convert Kodak PlayTouch video both on Mac and Windows. Download Kodak PlayTouch video converter and follow the easy steps below to convert Kodak PlayTouch videos:

If you are on Windows, click Kodak Video Converter to download Kodak PlayTouch video converter for Windows.
If you are on Mac, click Kodak Video Converter for Mac here to download Kodak PlayTouch video converter for Mac.

Steps to convert Kodak PlayTouch on both Mac and Windows are very similar and here we take the Windows Kodak video converter as an example to see how to convert Kodak PlayTouch video:

Step 1: Import Kodak PlayTouch Video
Click the “Add File” button to import your Kodak PlayTouch video to Doremisoft Kodak video converter.

Step 2: Select an output format
To select an output format, you can just click to open the Profile list, and then select the output format from the opened profile list. Lets take an example of users who want to edit Kodak PlayTouch videos on Windows Movie Maker: they need to convert Kodak PlayTouch video to WMV format as shown on the screenshot below:

Tip 1: Check the “Apply to all” option to apply the select format to all added videos.
Tip 2: Select multiple files by “Ctrl” and “Shift”, and check the “Merge into one file” option to merge the selected files into a single file.

Step 3: Start the Kodak PlayTouch conversion
Click the big yellow button to start the conversion when you are ready. On the conversion window, you will see two options that let you choose if you want to open the folder where the converted files are saved or if you want to shut down the computer after the conversion.

Note: You can also edit Kodak PlayTouch video with Kodak PlayTouch Converter.
Windows users click edit Kodak PlayTouch video to see how.
Mac users click edit Kodak PlayTouch video on Mac to see how.

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