Linux VPS – Is It Better than Shared Hosting?

Linux VPS is one of the latest hosting options that is available today for users. Initially the choices had been limited to shared hosting or dedicated hosting. If you already have an online company or are planning to start with one then you would have to think carefully about the hosting plans that you would want to use. Every hosting option will have its own pros and cons and you would have to evaluate each of them against your own needs.  

Shared Hosting

A lot of people today are choosing Linux VPS against shared hosting. Shared hosting had been the most popular and the least expensive option so far where a very large but single hard drive is shared by dozens of websites. However, shared hosting might not always be suitable for everyone and for all sites. Sites that have high amount of traffic would not find shared hosting suitable since it would not be possible for the server to isolate every website from the others that share the same server. The websites that are really large use dedicated server where only one server is used by one company.  

Would VPS be a Good Option?

If your needs lie somewhere in between what shared hosting and dedicated servers offer then Linux VPS would be a good option for you. When you compare it to a private server or a dedicated server, the cost of VPS is very low. This server is also a better option than shared hosting since it offers several options, more flexibility and more freedom to the users. Basically, businesses that are too large to use shared hosting and too small for dedicated servers would find VPS to be their best choice. If you are planning to expand in the future, then even if you are a start up you might want to think of VPS.  

Better Performance

Unlike shared servers, the performance of your site would not be dependent on the neighbouring accounts when you use VPS. With VPS you would have guaranteed resources. You would be able to get predictability and reliability. You would not be affected by your neighbouring accounts since each account would be different. Also, this type of server would be very rich when it comes to features. The functions that it offers are similar to that of a dedicated server. You would be able to customize your firewall configurations and you would have the flexibility to use any applicants you want. You will also have an IP address of your own along with root access. You can reboot your server whenever you want. Domains, panels, database, web and mail can also be customized. With so many options and benefits, Linux VPS is definitely better than shared hosting.

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