HP Debuts WebOS and Windows Tablets

It is recently rumored that HP, Hewlett-Packard, one of the world’s largest information technology companies and operates in nearly every country, is planning to release both Windows and WebOS-based tablets. It is the first time the company has given their plans to the public. The confirmation is unveiled by the personal systems chief Todd Bradley during the company’s quarterly results call. HP also announces that Windows Slate would be the first tablet to appear in the coming future. This would be followed by the launching of the WebOS tablet which will be named PalmPad soon in 2011. Let’s take an in-dept review about these two latest HP tablets powered on Windows and WebOS as follows:


The acquisitions of Palm make many people to believe that it is more suitable for the company to sell a tablet based on WebOS simply due to it would obviously be cheaper to use in-house code. However, the silence of the company on its plans and even some of its public statements also force some other companies in the media to stop researching on the Windows Slate altogether.


HP are about to unveil both Windows and WebOS-based tablets


The first webOS based tablet from HP will be called the HP Hurricane


The HP 500 slate runs a Windows 7 Premium OS inside and is equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, two cameras, and a batch of extensions


HP Confirms webOS Tablet launch in Q1 2011 & Windows Tablet in some weeks


Particularly, all this apparent delay bring the good chance for one company especially Apple. In fact, iPad will go on to be the flagship device of this market segment, and it will appear more other rivals. Who will become the winner; it depends completely on the time.


The HP Slate 500 will have both finger and stylus support


HP confirmed that the Windows based tablet would be on sale in the fall, but they declined to provide any detailed information about the price



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