How You Can Change a Mac Computer to Look Like Windows

Do you need to run some windows programs on your Mac? Many people out there have become acquainted with the simple to use, user friendly Mac operating System, but in some cases they need to access Windows programs for work or other tasks. So what is someone to do in this situation, purchase two separate machines so he can run both OS’s, I don’t think so. Why would you want to buy two machines when you easily Change a Mac Computer to look like windows, and run windows programs and Mac programs on your Mac side-by-side. The technique is known as virtualization and if you want to run windows on your Mac then continue reading…

They way you will be able to change your Mac computer Look like windows is through Virtualization. Virtualization is a piece of software that allows a user to run multiple guest operating systems within the main host operating system. That means you can run windows on your Mac computer and access and run windows programs on the machine asif you were using a normal PC.

With virtualization, you can switch between windows applications and Mac programs seamlessly; it adds a whole new Dimension to computer use. One particular example of its use is if you are a graphics designer and use a windows based program for work, then you can easily run it on your Mac at home, without having to repurchase a Mac Version (which can be quite expensive with these types of software). Also most people use Microsoft office for daily tasks at work, and if you own a Mac at home then you can easily access and contribute to your work from home by using virtualization.

If you are serious about virtualization and would like to change your Mac computer to look like windows then there a few major players in the industry that you can check out. However the one that stands out for me and is probably the best tool on the market for running windows on Mac is Parallels Desktop. The software is available for a Free trail download and You Get complete, instant access to all of your programs, files and folders across Windows and Mac OS X in a single, seamless experience. To download the Free version, visit the link at the bottom of the page.

So if you were wondering How To Change a Mac Computer To Look Like Windows then wonder no more as all you need to do is grab some Virtualization Software and the job is done. Parallels software is probably the way to go as their programs run 20% faster than the closest competitor (VMWare) and also they offer a Free trial version. So you can start running windows on your Mac today and see how cool the whole experience can actually be!

Do you want to Change Your Mac Computer To Look Like Windows? Well It can be done quite easily with the right tools, learn more on How to Run Windows on Mac and make the switch Today! Personally I use virtualization to run windows programs and play those glorious windows games on my Mac. The program is use is Parallels Desktop 4.0, it is Free to download, and it will let you to run both Windows and Mac Programs Side By Side, Allowing you to access the best of both worlds!

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