How To Update Windows Xp Drivers Automatically

Windows is one of the top-ranking operating systems in the whole world. We’ve seen its evolution from the early Windows 98 to the outstanding Windows 7. However, somewhere in the middle is the highly preferred, efficient, and simple Windows XP.

As Microsoft continues to innovate their operating systems, they constantly release updates of their current OS. For example, while they were developing Vista, they also improved on the XP by releasing driver updates. These updates solve common computer errors and issues because basically, updates were created to fix problems encountered in the last versions and make your computer more stable. Now this is also the main reason why updating your Windows XP is important.

Traditionally, XP driver updates can be downloaded over their website. That is if you know what drivers in your computer needs updating. This includes having to know hardware installed in your computer and their manufacturers. Luckily, Windows XP has this wonderful feature that functions as a driver update software.

Basically, driver update software make updating drivers a lot easier than doing it manually. It scans your computer for drivers, browses their database for the latest updates compatible for your computer, and installs it automatically. Now here are the steps on how to turn this feature on in your Windows XP computer:

1. Click the START button, and go to CONTROL PANEL.
3. Set it up according to your preference and click OK.

It’s that easy! Once XP Automatic Updates is turned on, you don’t have to worry about outdated and missing drivers in your computer. As the user, all you have to do is to click on the bubble (that appears at the lower right corner of your desktop) when it suggests that there are new updates to install. From there, your computer will carry on the task of installing and updating your drivers.

However, if windows XP automatic Updates do not meet your need, a driver update program would be the best choice for you.

A driver updater tool, like Driver Helper, definitely helps your computer stay functional and stable. It’s fast, reliable, safe, and undoubtedly time-saving.

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