How to Speed Up a Slow PC

Slow computers are incredibly frustrating and annoying, preventing you from even being able to do the most basic things on your PC without it taking forever to load up. This is a massive problem which affects millions of computers world wide… but luckily, it’s a problem which is easily fixed if you know how.

The problem with slow computers is that you can fix them it’s just not many people know how. It’s all to do with a little-known part of your computer known as the ‘registry’, which stores all the settings and options for Windows. The registry is the central database for your computer and is best described as acting like the “brain” for your PC. It’s very important and a crucial part of Windows, which your computer is using to tell it everything from which desktop wallpaper to load to how many unread emails are in your account.

The registry is an extremely important part of your computer, but it’s also one of the biggest causes of problems on your PC. Problems such as a slow system and constant errors are caused by the registry for one simple reason. Because it’s so important, the registry database is constantly being used by your computer. Each time you’re on your machine, 100’s of registry files are open, telling Windows what to do at all different times. This is okay, but unfortunately, Windows often gets confused, saving these files in the wrong way, making them damaged and incredibly hard to read.

This is a very common problem and is the reason why most computers run slow. Every time you use your computer, your registry is becoming more and more corrupt as Windows saves more and more files in the wrong way. This is the biggest cause of a slow PC and as more and more files become corrupted, the slower and slower your computer gets. Imagine each registry file like a book with all its pages mixed up – that’s what they turn into when they are saved in the wrong way.

To fix this is actually pretty simple – you just need to use a tool called a ‘registry cleaner’ to go through your system and fix all the corrupt registry files that are in there. Registry cleaners are very effective at speeding your computer up because they get this central database working smoothly and efficiently again, making your computer run like new. Depending on how good your registry cleaner is, you just need to run one scan and you will generally see a vast improvement straight away.

We’ve found the best registry cleaner to make your computer run faster is a tool called RegAce

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