How to Speed Up a Slow PC

Computers are great when they are running fast and smoothly, but as soon as they start to run slow, they become extremely annoying and frustrating. This is a big problem which affects millions of computers throughout the world… but is one which is easily cured if you know a little known method to fix speed up slow computers.

Not many people know this, but computers run slow for a simple reason – because they have too many corrupt files jamming up their system. The problem all boils down to a part of your computer called the ‘registry’. This is a big database which stores all sorts of settings and options for your computer. Everything from your latest emails to how much hard drive space you have left, is all kept in this database, making it one of the most important and frequently used parts of Windows. Each time you use your PC, 100’s of these registry files are being opened and edited in an attempt to help Windows run as smoothly as possible.

The reason why the registry is the reason why most computers run slow is simple. Because your PC has all these files open at once, it often gets confused, leading it to save many of these registry files in the wrong way. This makes them incredibly hard to read, as all their contents have been mixed up like a book with all its pages in the wrong order. This makes your computer have to take longer to read these files, making it slow down… And since Windows does not have the ability to fix them, more and more registry files are becoming corrupt each day, resulting in your computer getting slower and slower.

This is the biggest reason why computers end up running slow, and since the registry is not a very well known part of Windows, it’s a problem not many people even know exists. Luckily, there’s a way to fix it which is very simple. You just need to use a tool called a ‘registry cleaner’. These are simple tools which work to fix all your registry problems, speeding up your computer instantly. Registry cleaners work by scanning every registry file in your system and then fixing any of the bad ones that they find. This allows your computer to quickly and easily find the files it needs, allowing it to run as fast as possible. It’s also the reason why many new computers seem to run so fast – because they don’t have any corrupt registry files to slow them down.

Making your computer run faster with a registry cleaner is pretty simple. You just need to download it, install it and then click on “Scan Now” to fix all the problems inside the registry. We’ve found the best registry cleaner to speed up your PC, is a tool called RegAce

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