How to Rescue Data after Mac OS X File System HFS Damage

Mac OS X is well known as advanced file systems like HFS, HFS+, and HFSX. HFS+ is the improved version of Mac OS Standard. However, like other file systems and operating systems, Mac OS X file system may damage or corrupt due to some reasons like improper system shut down, virus infection etc. This behavior of Mac OS X renders all your valuable data inaccessible. If data backup is unavailable, incomplete or damaged, you may be at great panic.

Cause and error when you suffer Mac file system damage

The system may get damaged due to numerous reasons, and the followings are some of ones.

Unexpected system shutdown due to system crash or power outage may cause file system damage.
Virus can remove or damage the system folder or other critical data structure of your system.
Operating system malfunction is also one important factor to cause file system damage.

After damage when you try to boot Mac system, the process fails in middle and prevents you to access data from hard drive with the error message- ‘File system dirty, run fsck.’

What to do for HFS file system damage

To solve the problem, choose the solution that best suits you according to your situation.

Try to run the system in Safe Mode and check, whether the problem gets resolved or not.
Click the First Aid from the tab of Disk Utility.
Run ‘fsck’ to repair the corrupted file system. Mac includes an inbuilt file system check utility known as ‘fsck’ to automatically check the consistency of the file system during the boot process and fix it, if there is any error.
If the problem still persists because ‘fsck’ fails to correct file system, you can format the disk using Disk utility. As the process will erase all your data from the drive as well, you need to restore them from your valid backup.
But if data backup is not available, incomplete or damaged then you can use third party Mac data recovery software (see below), if there is no backup in place.

Data Recovery Mac is this kind of Mac data rescue solution that can you overcome the above Mac file system error cases and do Mac data recovery on your own. Also it can recover deleted, formatted, lost and inaccessible Mac data from Mac, USB drive, camera, cell phone, and other storage media. It comes with interactive user interface, enriched with graphic tools and options. Hence, irrespective of any level of technical background, users can perform Mac data recovery at great ease.

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