How to Recover Mac Data When File System is Corrupted

File system is a means of storing and organizing data in the system. As file system is solely responsible for storage, manipulation, retrieval and organization of computer files, folders etc. by the operating system, any problem to it can cause severe data loss or inaccessibility. For Macintosh systems, Apple has developed various file systems, such as HFS, HFS plus, HFS Wrapper etc and users also agree to their credibility. However, due to some of the undesirable situations, such as unsystematic system shut down, virus/malware attack, operating system malfunction or any other hardware/software conflict, the Mac file system gets corrupted and all your valuable data in the hard drive of your system gets completely inaccessible. Under such a situation, you need to take the help of Mac data recovery to recover and restore your inaccessible data back.

Sometimes, after encountering any situation which leads to the file system corruption, if you try to boot your Mac system, it may hang in the middle, showing an error message on the screen. The error message may be read as below:
“File system dirty, run fsck”

Note: ‘fsck’ is an inbuilt utility with Mac OS X to check the consistency of the file system during the boot process and fix it, if there is any error.

Following are some of the ways to resolve the above problem. Choose the one that best suits you.
1) Try to run the system in Safe Mode and check, whether the problem gets resolved or not.
If the above method fails to resolve the issue, run the Disk Utility from the system installation disk. Click on the tab, First Aid and choose the hard drive volume or drive.
2) If you are still unable to resolve the issue, make one last try by running ‘fsck’ manually. For this, first go to the Single-User mode.

If all the above means fail, you are left with a single choice, that is to use any good Mac recovery software to bring back your lost or inaccessible data back.

Mac data Recovery software are developed with powerful mechanisms to locate the data in the troubled disk irrespective of the problem and recover them back with ease. Moreover, with their easily understandable functionality, any non-technical user can also lucidly use the software.

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