Features of the Windows Registry Cleaner

Is your computer cluttered with unnecessary files and invalid directories? Windows registry cleaner is a tool that removes unwanted and redundant entries in your  registry. Such entries include the remains of the software that has been uninstalled or even the settings required for the operation of malware. These persistent items can interfere with the performance of the computer and have other negative impacts also.

Changing the entries in your Windows registry manually can be a frightening task because you do not know whether the entries are invalid, redundant or neither. If you want to clean your windows registry at the same time don’t want to risk rendering your computer unusable, you can make use of the variety of good registry cleaners available. The windows registry is the database repository for storing information regarding the configuration of the system. As you use the windows, the registry keeps growing in size. Therefore there is the possibility for the windows registry to get fragmented with unwanted items. What are the features of the registry cleaner and why it is needed? The following are some of the features that insist the necessity of a registry cleaner.

·   Eliminates all problems associated with windows registry such as

Slow boot up
Slow internet response
Slow start up of software
Sudden crash and hanging of computer

§ Fragmentation of  inconsistent files and directories

·   Many registry cleaners also act as PC optimization software

·   Easy to use with simple mouse clicks

·   Scan, detect repair and remove the redundant and invalid entries.

There is a special registry cleaner designed especially for the Windows Xp operating system it is none other than the PC Washer. It is a unique registry cleaner that is fast, safe and very effective. Other efficient registry cleaners for windows XP are RegFix mantra, Registry Mechanic, Registry Rescue, XP Registry repair, XP Registry cleaner etc. These registry cleaners can diagnose the problems including application runtime errors, poor start ups, slow start ups of windows and slow shut downs of windows.


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