External Hard Drive Corruption: How to Recover Photos on Mac Machine

Are you experiencing problems while mounting an external hard drive on your Mac machine? And, are you unable to access photos stored on it? If your answer is a clear Yes, then I am afraid to say that your external hard drive might be corrupt. Don’t panic. The purpose of writing this article is to make you familiar with the problems and possible workarounds which can be observed in order to perform Mac Photo Recovery . If an external hard drive becomes corrupt and displays strange behavior like displaying no files etc, you can tackle the situation and compensate the data loss very easily. Photos, as stated in the the above-mentioned scenario, can be recovered by using an appropriate recovery application designed for Macintosh-based storage media.


To shed light on external hard drive corruption and its various symptoms, let’s consider a real-world scenario. Imagine you have an external hard disk with several photos, when you connect it to your Mac system, it doesn’t work fine and you may receive the following error message:


“Directory cannot be rebuilt, this file system is unsupported / this disk is not a Macintosh disk / this

disk does appear on the desktop.”


The message indicates some major problem with the hard disk. As a result of the error message, you cannot access photos from your external hard drive. Let’s first zero in on the possible causes behind the above error message which would help us in addressing the issue in a correct way.




An external hard drive exhibits such abrupt behavior when it goes corrupt. It could have got damaged due to factors like abrupt system shutdown, virus attacks, power fluctuations etc.




You can perform Mac photo recovery by connecting the external hard drive to another Mac computer. If you still receive the same error message and issue persists, then it is advisable you reformat the external hard drive on your Mac machine, followed by restoring lost photos from a backup.


In absence of a backup, the ideal way to recover lost photos from a formatted external hard drive is using a Mac photo recovery software.


Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6(Snow Leopard), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.4 (Tiger), and 10.3.9 (Panther), Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is the best software available for recovering lost or deleted photos on Macintosh computers. Besides photos, this Mac Photo Recovery software enables you to recover audios and videos from a range of storage media (memory cards, hard drives, memory sticks, USBs etc), regardless of the reasons behind data loss.

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