Choose And Buy Hat

A and never sit try wear a hat, and can not only for a small mirror to see. You must stand in be born long before the mirror, the from head to foot be seen everywhere circumstances, can see hat upon you the effect of. Small stature, head little girl, don’t wear hat too lenient hat, otherwise will be pressure to more small, Volume is huge, or have a big HaoTou type of girl, need is also a top modest hat, you must not because they feel can compare “wide” is wearing a big hat, it will make you look much larger.

Second, choose the right size hat. Hat is too big or too small, wear not only uncomfortable, the effect also not good. Head to meet with, both sides does not loose not tight, just calculate qualified. Look in the mirror, please note with not too small, small than your face is not good. Hat are not greater than two shoulder width. But adornment with the modelling with the MaoXianMao cap or warm, not use this method to test.

Third, begin to buy a hat, with practical for the principle, choose as far as possible can match many different colors of clothes, such as black, gray, brown, Tuo color etc.

Four, oblate (mushrooms type) of woollen hat can do modelling, also can keep warm, very suitable qiu dong, use. With it’s best to travel abroad, have no time to do hair, just put on his hat is very good-looking. The cane makes up straw hat, especially the straw hat, the most suitable for chun xia, use, make you look fresh lovely, still but keep out sunshine.

Five, baseball cap look handsome young, tie-in T-shirt, jeans, be permeated with green breath enter indoor conveniently stuffed backpack, not to occupy a space. Of course! You also can continue to wear, backward, dai is nifty and lovely! Develop the habit of hat reduces ultraviolet harm, prevent dark and anti-ageing.

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