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Twenty-three year old, Scott MacIntyre, is one of the most inspiring American Idol Top 10 finalists. He is American Idol’s first visually challenged contestant. This pianist, vocalist, and songwriter not only has an amazing voice, his story has inspired many living with disabilities to never give up on their dreams.

Scott was born almost completely blind. He has two degrees of tunnel vision, meaning he sees the world through a straw.

Although visually impaired since birth, he began playing the piano at the tender age of 3. His parents used to put him to bed with music, but instead of going to bed, he’d sneak off to the family piano to figure out the melodies he just heard. This happened quite often, and his parents soon discovered there was definitely an interest in music and since then has begun his musical journey.

With his limited vision, he can literally only see 1 to 2 notes at a time on a sheet of music. He would read the music very slowly and memorize it hand separately. And on the piano, he can only see the width of one key. Over the years, he has trained his ears to hear the harmonies and the individual notes in the patterns. Having played an instrument when I was younger, I understand the difficulty in this and it truly shows how extremely talented and gifted Scott MacIntyre is.

He attended Arizona State University at age 14! Graduated, Summa-Cum-Laude with a BM in Piano Performance at age 19. Scott’s many honors include being the recipient of the prestigious Marshall scholarship and Fulbright scholarship (to the UK), Rhodes Finalist for Arizona and USAToday All-USA Academic First Team. He also obtained his masters degree in Performance Studies from the Royal College of Music and Royal Holloway University of London.

If you’re not wowed yet, here’s more reason to be. Scott also skis, dances, and plays the guitar and drums, too. There is no stopping him from doing the things he loves.

He prays before each of his performances that people will be touched because he can share what he has been through in his life dealing with rejection when he was younger because of his visual impairment. He says, “people will say you can’t do this, because of that…” but he’s a prime inspirational example that anything you Believe in can be Achieved. There is nothing we can’t do and accomplish when we put our heart and desire into what it is we want most.

Scott’s story has surely inspired us. We hope it has inspired you to never give up on your dreams, too.

Many Blessings….

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