Accidental Data Deletion And Linux Data Recovery Solution

Linux operating system has been invented long ago, There has been various new additions as well as up-gradations to the previous versions of Linux and the development of Ext3 is one such example of the betterment of the operating system. Ext3 or the third extended file system is a journaled file system and has been developed over Ext2. With many advanced features, Ext3, still lacks at many grounds, such as unavailability of any data defragmentation tool, accidental deletion causing complex cases of data loss etc. Hence, in case of an accidental deletion, if you do not have a valid backup, you need to take the help of a Linux data recovery utility to recover your seemingly lost data back.

A brief about Ext3 file system:

Ext3 is a journaled file system, which is commonly meant for the Linux kernel. Among many of its advantages, Ext3 has a feature of on-line file system growth, easy up-gradation to the Ext2 and Htree type of indexing for larger directories etc. However, Ext3 does not journal the content of the file and only the meta data part, hence, the files, which has been modified just before a crash get corrupted. Furthermore, Ext3 does not support checksumming in journal and it can result into a severe file system corruption, if a hardware corruption happens during a crash. Moreover, in case of Ext3, if you delete some file, it never asks you for a confirmation.

Accidental deletion of a file can happen to any Linux user and if the deleted file is an extremely important one, the panic situation aggravates. But, the good thing is that data, which has been deleted, are never permanently lost until it is being overwritten by some other piece of data and with the help of any good Linux file Recovery software, they can be recovered back.

In Linux, with the help of Ext3grep, you can be able to recover back the deleted files. However, this inbuilt utility of Linux has a limitation of recovering files up to the size of 2 GB. Hence, Ext3grep fails, if the file size is bigger than 2GB and you have to look for any Linux data recovery software to do the job.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is known to be one of the most powerful Linux file recovery software to recover back the lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible data back after any instance of data loss. Moreover, the software incorporates rich graphical user interface, with which any non-technical user can also be able to use the software quite easily.

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